SJ Harmon is the founder and boss of Synthrotek, a synth and noise hardware company located in Portland, Oregon. Aside from designing synths, he also designs and builds guitar pedals and is the co-owner of Harben Audio. While electronics and circuit bending is the top passion, he also fiddles with Stock Photography.

He writes about stock photography workflow management at Stock Photo Guru, writes in 140 characters at Twitter, posts photos to Instagram, is the not-so-better-half of the boutique record label Wil-Ru, sells software for designers and photographers at Bordernator, records derelict synth music under the name: The Swedish Movements.

If that was not enough, SJ slings various goods on the internet at sites such as Piratemerch. He currently resides in Portland and mostly lives in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States of America.